About Me

There's not Yet too much to tell you,

My name is Shaina Joy Westhaeuser, i was born July,14,2003 at 12.42  

in Worms, Germany , after giving my mother Sheryl a lot of fun and work the last 9 month.

My birthweight was 3980 gr. and i was 55cm tall already.

Now that I'm home and my parents can't give me to the nurses anymore,

I prefer to sleep all day long and keep myself and my parents awake

in the night as long as possible,and You know, I 'm really good in that, cause I manage

to give them a maximum of  three hours sleep only in the morning hours if the sun is already

comming up.

After breakfast I start my daytime sleep, so I'm fit for the next night.

August 2003:

I'm feeling nearly home in this big big world, slowly I adjust to that daylight ,
nightdark changing and sometimes i manage to get awake only one time or
two times per night.

I met a lot of people already, was on a gospel concert, in an ice cafe, and attendet
a wine feast listening to my mom singing.

I'm 6 weeks old now and as the filipinos say a taba bata , my size is 57 cm and
my weight is 5,5 kg's.

Have a look at my first pictures here

Now after nearly 8 month my weight, my size, my look , everything is changed, i've done a big trip
from Germany via Thailand to Phillipines, where i had a philippine dedication to our lord,
a lot of fun with all my relatives there and a long trip back via Hong Kong.

You can see all this here.